As a spin-off from the Department of Crop Protection Chemistry of the University of Ghent, Primoris has maintained, until today, a scientific and evidence-based approach to research and analysis. This approach is supported with the use of highly-technological, mainly chromatographic, analytical equipment.

At the request of customers Primoris performs specific research projects. This could be as a part of a larger or as a stand alone project. The service of Primoris in the field of research lies in:

  • Development of analytical methods
  • Development of validation files for specific matrices-pesticides-contaminants
  • Quantification of natural health-promoting substances in food
  • Participation in international ring programs and proficiency tests
  • Participation in national and international research projects related to contaminants

Furthermore, because of its great specialization, Primoris also takes part in various working groups:


CORESTA concerning analysis of pesticide residues in tobacco


DeLOGDeutsche Laborgemeinschaft für Obst und Gemüse